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How to get that Summer Glow! And the skin perfecting mask to achieve it

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Here at Nubyén we LOVE Summer! We love the excuse to take everything outside (your yoga,your office, your parties..) and we also love the sunshine on our skin! Although with summer comes beautiful new makeup fashions (yes urban decay heat pallet we’re talking about you) it’s also the perfect time to go barefaced and let your skin soak up all those beautiful rays and delicious vitamin D!  

So with the launch of our new Nubyén Noir Skin Perfecting Mask coming very soon we think now is the perfect time to give you the lowdown on our favourite way to keep your skin rejuvenated and glowing without makeup all summer long! 

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Although exfoliating is good for your skin during the summer months you should ideally exfoliate only once or twice a week during the summer as although you still want to rid that dead layer of skin for a brighter complexion it will increase your skins sensitivity to the sun. We also recommend switching from a heavyweight moisturiser to something more lightweight such as coconut oil (praise the coconut & all its natural magic!)  as the air is less dry  and more humid when the suns shining so your skin doesn’t require as much added moisture. 

To really nail your natural luminosity we think you should introduce our Nubyén Noir skin perfecting mask into your routine twice a week.  Developed by medical professionals using active natural ingredients like shea butter, witch hazel and vitamin C our mask will provide a at home luxury experience whilst leaving your skin feeling nourished and cleansed ,goodbye blackheads! By  following this routine all that’s left to do is apply your Nubyén Nude lip augmentation gloss and you’ll kill that glowing summer look we all love!

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