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Nubyén Noir Skin Perfecting Mask



Our skin perfecting mask is packed with beneficial active natural ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Nubyen Noir absorbs excess oil, reduces puffiness & extracts blackheads, promoting clearer & healthier skin.

Apply to the face avoiding the eye area, leave for 30 minutes & then gently peel away.

For the best results use once or twice weekly to enhance your skin & reveal a brighter complexion.
Nubyen Noir is the first face mask as part of our STRATA (layers of the earth) Natural Skincare range.
Create the perfect pre-makeup canvas, using our Skin Perfecting Mask.
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"I have had the best results using my Nubyen noir skin perfecting mask. A must try for anyone wanting clearer and healthier skin. Its amazing and helped with eliminating scarring due to previous acne scars." @tracyshayne


"This facemask is literally saving my skin, this amazing mask leaves your skin & pores so clean, after using it for 30 minutes I felt that my skin was so smooth & soft, i cant stop touching my face" @conniespace


"I've been using this skin perfecto mask for a few weeks now & I love it. I had previously been struggling with my skin in the past few months & using this mask twice week has really helped remove blackheads, clear my pores & leaves my skin silky soft ." @millyhobbs



" I swear by this product for clear skin." @livguy_


"I am a huge fan of the lip plumping gloss and a big fan of this mask too it really helps smooth the skin & clear blackheads".


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