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Nubyén Noir Skin Perfecting Mask



Create the perfect pre-makeup canvas, using our Skin Perfecting Mask.

Nubyen Noir Skin Perfecting mask is packed with beneficial, active natural ingredients plant based collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

The creamy texture of this deep cleansing face mask absorbs excess oil, reduces redness & detoxifies the skin of impurities, promoting clearer & healthier skin.





Apply to the face avoiding the eye area,  leave for 30 minutes & then gently peel away.

For the best results use once or twice weekly to enhance your skin & reveal a clear, calm and brighter complexion. 





 false eyelashes,nubyen noir, plant based, skincare mask, fake eyelashes, lash extensions , nubyen , nubyen tribal
 false eyelashes,nubyen noir, skincare mask, plant based, fake eyelashes, lash extensions , nubyen , nubyen tribal
"I have had the best results using my Nubyen noir skin perfecting mask. A must try for anyone wanting clearer and healthier skin. Its amazing and helped with eliminating scarring due to previous acne scars." @tracyshayne
"I swear by this product for clearer healthy looking skin, best purchase to date!." @livguy_






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