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Mindful living, Mindful eating - What I eat in a day as a yoga teacher

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Mindful living, Mindful eating - What I eat in a day as a yoga teacher


As we launch our Nubyén Second Skin luxury activewear range we take the exciting leap into the world of being a Mindful living brand. For me I find mindful eating a helpful tool to maintaining a happy and healthy body mind soul connection which I need to teach yoga! Mindful eating for me is eating to nourish my whole body, so mostly eating whole natural foods my body needs with the mixture of eating in moderation processed foods which make my mind very happy!

So lets get into it today I taught 2 hour long yoga classes ,one a gentle hatha class & the other a power Vinyassa class,I also did 10 minutes on the cross trainer out of boredom and this is what I ate and drank ( other than water).


  • I had garlicy mushrooms & onion with nutritional yeast on some date & walnut bread with scrambled tofu .
  • A black coffee


Morning snack

  • 2 mint oreos (the best kind)


  • M&S Spicy Lentil and tomato soup from their fresh section with a B Free gluten free wrap.


Afternoon snack:

  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with a carrot and a handful of blueberries
  • A black coffee



  • Pasta made of just chickpea flour with shredded purple cabbage,kale & carrot. Topped with a maple & Soy Tahini sauce.


  • An alpro soya chocolate hazelnut yoghurt with a chopped up banana, a tablespoon and a half of peanut butter and lots of cinnamon!
  • A hot water with lemon & a teaspoon of coconut sugar.


I personally follow a vegan diet to stay healthy but there are lots of diets out there to suit every individual body & taste! Lets not divide the healthy eating community. I also don’t count calories or macro nutrients but I know Cody from the Nubyén team finds this really helpful for staying lean, so it is all down to what makes you happy. Im a firm believer in if it’s healthy it doesn’t matter too much how many calories are in it and also a believer in if a ‘unhealthy’ food makes your mind happy,as long as ate in moderation that ‘unhealthy’ food is healthy..for your mind! Happy mind = Happy body !

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