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That Dewy Summer Glow- Nubyen Muse Papaya Fruit Highlighter

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It’s summer and we all want to achieve a natural highlighting glow that resembles sun-kissed skin and is easy to use! The Nubyen Muse Papaya Fruit illuminating highlighter is the perfect product to achieve such results.

 At Nubyen, we value radiant skin and we know how difficult it can be to achieve such using clean, natural and vegan products. We also know that maintaining skin complexion can be hard at times too! That’s why the all clean (no parabens, sulfates and phthalates that can harm the skin), natural and cruelty-free Nubyen Muse Papaya Fruit Illuminating Highlighter was formulated by a team of medical doctors and clinical scientists.

Let’s focus on serums for a second. You may be wondering what they are and what exactly their function is. Well, serums are a skincare product that is applied to the skin after cleansing, but before moisturising. Their function is to deliver a strong shot of healthy ingredients directly into the skin. The Nubyen Muse Papaya Fruit Illuminating Highlighter is a water-based serum, meaning the foundation of the serum is H2O.  It has a texture similar to a light gel and it is quickly absorbed into the skin so that the ingredients (vitamin E, natural enzymes, papaya fruit extract and beta carotene) can rapidly get to work.

Now, let’s get into the key ingredients in the popular serum highlighter. Vitamin aids the revival process of the skin and can also lessen UV damage. It also adds moisture to the skin (which is crucial for a radiant, dewy look). The papaya fruit extract is amazing as it acts as a non-abrasive exfoliant that removes dead skin cells to also revive the skin.  Lastly, natural enzymes help the skin become softer and smoother. Furthermore, it can help reduce the appearance of pigmentation and scars.


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The best thing about our Nubyen Muse Papaya Fruit Illuminating Highlighter (no, not just that it’s vegan, cruelty-free and clean!) is that it does not merely have to be used on your face, but can be used on the body too.

We recommend using the serum after cleansing and toning and always before using your moisturiser. Add 2 to 3 drops of the Nubyen Muse Papaya Fruit Illuminating Highlighter into your palm and pat, not rub into your skin.  Pat the product onto areas that would be naturally sunkissed, such as the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones. We recommend patting to ensure the product seeps into the skin successfully, so you can enjoy the benefits.

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