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It almost makes us blush – we're so proud of these comments.

Here's what our customers have said...

This is just a handful of those tagged from Instagram.


"I love that this plumping gloss has natural ingredients & the scent is divine!" @EVEDEACON

"This Nubyen lip plumper is my secret to fuller looking lips" @DILARA.OX

"My favorite lip plumper- easily!" @JASAEKSANDRA
"I love how this lip plumping gloss makes my lips feel & most ofall the tingling sensation" @JESSRIVERS

"Whats in your make-up bag,? Nubyen Nude lip Augmentation Gloss has made it into mine" @AZRAMEMIC

"Ich durfte den lipgloss von Nubyen Nude Lipgloss testen. Ich muss sagen, die Lippen werden wirklich grober." @MARYSHIONISTA

"Finally something that really works" @UXIAOBE
"I am experiencing extreme feelings of love for my plump lips" @CRISTALALLURE


"Thank you for inventing this amazing Nubyen Nude lip plumping gloss' @JENNIHHELENIUS

"Girls, I wanted to show you my absolute favourite lip plumping gloss, I also love its natural ingredients"@CHIARABRANDSI

One of my makeup must haves!" @SAPPHIREYHNELL
Have to share with you girls my favourite plumping lip gloss @nubyenbeauty " @GABBYKENNA

"i have full lips naturally, but love how this gives me an extra boost, its unreal" @EMMA.ASHLEIGH

"I love that this gloss works as an alternative to lip fillers" @CHARLINESASSMANN
"I am loving my plump pout- This stuff actually works & results are noticeable" @MISS.LENDEL

"I would recommend this lip  gloss anyone that wants to enhance their lips naturally" @ALAISREDONDOC

"Excited for how this plumps my lips" @TIFFANY_CECILY

"I love this gloss' @LOAN_LOVE_

"This is definitely a lip job in bottle" -OLIVIASLONDON
"Love how this gloss feels the tingle is addictive" @MAGKOVALENKO
"At first there is a tingling feeling and then after 10 mins my lips look and feel fuller" @IMACARYL

"This Lipgloss is popping"@LALASDOPE

"Love, love loveeee my Nubyen Nude Lip plumping gloss" @MINATTION
"Ok, so the secret is out, I constantly get asked about my lips! I swear Nubyen Nude Lip Augmentation gloss is the best plumping gloss ever- i have repurchased" @AALEXXANDRAA
"I have been using my nubyen nude lip augmentation gloss & its amazing- it does exactly what it says"@DARIYA_SILKO "I love the feeling that this gloss gives my lips, you can actually feel it working @MISSY_Y "I am in love with my new plumping lip gloss" @LINDROSENBERG "I love that this gloss works s an alternative to lip fillers" @CHARLINESASSMANN
"For moments when I want an extra boost I love to apply this lip plumper it really works" LEE "Schonen Abend euch allen" @SOBAEZ "Cant go wrong with this lip plumper its the best on the market"   @WONDERBABEE "My lips look and feel moisturised & look fuller due to nubyen lip augmentation gloss" @MISSDAASSH
"I'm not joking when I say that I feel like I have had my lips done, this gloss is amazing"-@KATARINALOUISE1 "The best lip plumper ever!' @HOLLYTOPENN "I recommend this gloss to anyone to scared to try lip fillers, it gives a natural plumpness' @BEXALICEMARSHALL "Didnt even wear lip stick and i love how it made my lips look plump & feel glossy, I wear it everyday" @VALELORENBEAUTY 
"This Nubyen Lip plumper works wonders!" @NALA_STYLE "I couldn't believe the results, this it the outcome of this amazing gloss" @AUDREYPUIYAN "This lipgloss is amazing" @VIKYLYABORZOVA "I love the pout that this lip plumper gives me" @GLORIAJOELLE
"I love to pair this with my favourite matte lip sticks for a natural plump" @NADAADELLEX "The best ip plumping gloss ever" @OLLIZZZLE "Love the tingling sensation' @CRISTALALLURE "This Nubyen Nude Lip plumper is everything, I am in love with my fabulous full lips"@MONTANABLOOM
"Nubyen is super plumping & brings out my natural lip colour & I LOVE the TINGLE" @SANGYAC "Favourite gloss ever" @COCOGENN "I love my Nubyen Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss, it actually works and the tingling is addictive" @JULIA.NATALIE.SCHILLINGER "I can't live without this lip plumping gloss, I always use it on shoots" @MFGMODEL
"Its the perfect way to get the illusion of fuller lips, without any lip injections! Its cheaper & really looks natural" @FREJASWINTHER "I love to wear this gloss onset-it makes my lips look plump without lip fillers"@KHLOE "For this makeup look, I used Nubyen  lip gloss. It really works " @LENALENAXX

"I love that this gloss makes my lips naturally fuller" @VERONICAWL

"Wollte euch Heute nochmals den tollen Gloss"


"Im literally obsessed with this gloss & love the all natural ingredients used to enhance lips" @LAILALOVES "I would definitely recommend this lip plumper any girls wanting fuller lips without having to get lip fillers" @_SKYEOFFICIAL "I love my Nubyen Nude lip plumping gloss" @ANDCAVALIERE
"Dziekuje bardzo za blyszcyk powiekskszajacy usta"   @KAROLINACHRUSCICKA "This is honestly the best lip plumping gloss that I have ever used" @GEORGIA "The product itself is amazing! This one makes my lips naturally full & exotic. Definitely my new favourite" @JASMINA.SMAJLOVIC
"This gloss has a long lasting plumping effect, I swear by Nubyen as an alternative to lip fillers" @JOSEFINIRMING "Cannot get over the plumping effect of this Nubyen nude lip Augmentation gloss plumper' @TABSHEADINGTON

"Check out my youtube review "@charmiejanee


"I love to wear my nubyen lip gloss over my favourite lip sticks. This product works miracles" @ANNATYBURSKA
"I loved this lip plumper so much that I have featured it in a youtube video" "Kiss & tell this gloss is delivering the perfect pout" @ALEXIASLANDIS "I love this gloss and would definitely recommend this to my girls wanting fuller lips without lip fillers" @JASMINROCE "Its amazing what this stuff does for your lips, I swear for Nubyen nude lip augmentation Gloss"     @STEPHJPARSONS
"The best lip augmentation gloss I've ever tried"@ ITSEMILA "Wearing my favourite Nubyen Nude Lip plumping Gloss" @AIMAZIN "My new little obsession- a non surgical option for fuller lips" @MISS_ANITACHKA "My favourite li plumper, check out my results"@ANOTHERDAYOFGLAM
"This is truly a lip plumper like no other" @AISHABANOZUB "Love my lip plumping gloss"@MEAGANBARTONHANSON "My lip secret @nubyenbeauty for fuller lips without surgery" @RACHELWARD_E "If there is one thing that I can't live without its Nubyen Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss, It does exactly what it says" @MELINASKVORTSOVA
"Looking for the perfect pout? Check out my latest blogpost/ youtube review" @ MAMAREIDWRITES "Been wearing this Nubyen Nude lip plumper all day long, tastes like cinnamon & makes my lips look twice as plump" @ZOES.101 "Wearing my favourite Nubyen nude Lip plumping gloss"           @KATERINABEREZHNA

"For this look, i used @nubyenbeauty"


"This lip gloss is popping"


"i have to say that this is the best lip plumping gloss that I ever tried, I really love it" @TILLAHLEAH "This Nubyen Nude Lip plumper is everything, I am in love with my fabulous full lips"@MONTANABLOOM "I love this gloss from Nubyen it voluminises my lips, it has made it into my makeup kit" @ERONIDAG_

"Love it ...c'est un gloss qui repulse les levres"


"This gloss works  perfectly with my matte lipsticks love it"@ WHITEPARADISES "Ditching the skinny lips with my Nubyen nude Lip gloss" @MACEYBLUEBELL "Every girl needs an amazing lip plumper" @KELLYNICOLEJOHNSTON
"Thank you for creating this amazing product"                                 -@MALAMADLENE "Sehnsüchtig erwarte. Vielen lieben Dank an die wundervollen Mädels von @nubyenbeauty" @LIFELOVE.J "I have used this plumping lip gloss on many of my makeup clients who love this product as an alternative to lip fillers"@MUAVEE
"i LOVE the packaging & cute photos inside, its presented so well, it also smells amazing, which is one of my favourite factors when purchasing cosmetics" @KAILYLAU "Literally a lip injection in a bottle, I love nubyen nude!" @SASKIACHELSEAX "I like the fact that this lip plumper plumps my lips instantly & the results are long lasting" @AMY_DANIELS "Uni ist fur heute geschafft. Jetzt gehts, wie üblich, ins Fit. Heute ist ein HIIT geplant" @SOMEONESDAY 

"Becoming a huge fan this lip plumper. it works, its 100% vegan & cruelty free too"


"Absolutely love, love my nubyen lip plumping gloss" @TABBYBROWN "My make-up must have is this lip plumping gloss" @XSHYOX "I love the texture of nubyen & its non sticky formula"@ CHARLOTTEMIDDLETON1

"I have full lips, but love to give my lips a boost with this plumper" @aprilalexander

"Who needs lip fillers when I have @nubyenbeauty" @yasminbiance


"Love my lip plumping gloss"@MEAGANBARTONHANSON "Nubyen Nude Lip augmentation gloss plumps lips the natural way without lip fillers"@YASMINELZOMOR

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