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Healthy skin Healthy body! My gym skin experiment

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Healthy skin Healthy body! My gym skin experiment

 My 2 jobs clash, as a brand manager for a mindful beauty brand I am passionate about skincare & makeup, I love to pamper my skin and play with my makeup. However as a yoga teacher I spend a lot of time sweating, touching grubby gym equipment and potentially wrecking a little bit of havoc on my skin. So this past month I’ve started experimenting with how to nail my gym skin and I am seeing results! So I thought I would share my new secrets with you.

First things first is your pre-workout routine, which is easier said than done… remove makeup from your skin, you can keep your mascara on and your Nubyén Nude lip augmentation gloss on but your skin should be squeaky clean (Im sorry!!) . This is because when you get your sweat on your pores open up, and if you're wearing makeup, the combination of sweat and oil can induce pore clogging which leads to yucky breakouts.

Then we have your post workout routine. When you have finished killing your gym routine avoid the temptation to wipe your face with your hands as this can introduce dirt and bacteria from shared gym equipment to your freshly opened pores which is never good. So just make sure you’ve got a nice clean workout towel to pat your face & neck down with and give your skin a quick rinse with some water. Once your skin is nice and refreshed use some coconut oil just to rehydrate your skin.

I also recommend using our Nubyén Noir skin perfecting mask twice a week to really combat the yuck! . It is a peel off mask so helps to pull out any naughty bacteria from your pores, the shea butter inside can help to rehydrate your skin and the vitamin C inside helps to enhance that post workout glow!

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