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Experience extreme lip plumping with Lip Fila Advance +++ 


This contains extra Menthol, extra Cinnamon, extra Collagen and even more love! 


Unlike many other Lip plumpers, Nubyen Lip plumpers contain the same ingredients that are found in lip fillers hyaluronic acid, &  collagen. As a result lip volume is enhanced and results are longer lasting. 

For a triple boost, combine with Nubyen Nude, Super Nudes & lip Prosperity Lip enhancers. 

  • Created by a team of Medical doctors & Clinical Scientists in the United Kingdom
  • Safe to use with or without Lip Fillers.

How it works:

Lips volume is increased in one of three ways:

1. Lip mucosa (Lip tissue)- Natural plant-based Marine Algae Collagen helps to rebuild lips that are lacking volume, Nubyen Nude lipgloss has a slightly thicker formulation than conventional glosses this enables the protein bonds to be rebuilt at the deeper dermal layers. Effects of this product are longlasting as a result.

2. Natural menthol & cinnamon cause a tingling, blood vessels are brought to the surface of the lips in a process called vasodilation, & the delivery of lemongrass & coconut essence help to hydrate so lips feel fuller & plump. You may feel a tingling.

3. Hyaluronic acid, is packed with hydration this helps to moisturize & enhance lip tissue turgor. This occurs at levels of the vermillion border (lip line) cupids bow & lip mucosa (lip tissue)  

Proven hydrating & plumping ingredients. Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Menthol & Balinese lemongrass. 

  • Nubyén Nude is safe to be used with or without lip fillers
  • Use alone or with your favorite lipstick, get noticeably fuller lips.  
  • Clean: free of sulfates, phthalates & parabens.

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