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Nubyen Hi-Dry Facial Skin Rejuvenating & beautifying Ampoules, 5 x 6ml - Beauty Inheritance



It's time to enhance the beauty that you already have & glow both internally & externally.
Nubyen's science-led skin rejuvenating ampoules are created to easily incorporate into your beauty routine.
This curated set includes five ampoules that collectively deliver a powerful concentration of Hyaluronic acid, Lactobionic Acid & AHAs that visibly rejuvenate the skin. Suitable for both day or night, pre-event or special occasion.
Skin is plumped naturally with Collagen, smoothing fine lines  & wrinkles. 

Expect a deeply refreshed complexion with a luminescent, natural glow. 

How it works

  • This restorative 5-day program helps to improve the texture & quality of the skin with 5 targeted ampoules that deliver five key steps, detoxification, cleansing, brightening,  hydration, & rejuvenation


  • Each formula is carefully created to replenish essential moisture levels. Enabling skin to appear more radiant, hydrated, & naturally dewy.


  • Small particles of hyaluronic acid, penetrate the skin & hydrate skin at the deeper dermal layers.
Skin appears more youthful, owing to Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, lactic acid, apple & blueberry fruit extract which is delivered to areas of the skin.

Details & Use




1. Beautox Elixir Concentrate 

2. Dermal Filler Elixir Concentrate 

3. Hyaluronic Boost

4. Lactobionic Glow Serum 

5. B3 Luminescence Facial Glow Drops


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