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Nubyen Second Skin - Holiday essential

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I used to work out in a ten year old baggy t-shirt and sweats and wondered why I was so de-motivated to exercise. Now, well into my gym bunny phase I can totally see the importance of looking good in the gym. Don’t be fooled my attire is not to impress any on lookers - as a firm singleton I probably should browse the gym crowd however my gym time is strictly for me.


The activewear of choice has to tick all the boxes. Performance - does it hold everything in place? Durability - is it going to withstand blood, sweat and tears? Aesthetic - does it flatter my figure?

The latter being the most important to me - if I feel I look good when I catch a glance of my progress in the gym mirror it spurs me on to work out harder. A large part of my gym purpose is to release happy endorphins so I don’t need a scary reflection to kill my vibe.


So let me introduce you to my new number one - i.e. The attire I pull out of the draw first or search vigorously through the washing for. Nubyén has just launched it’s very first activewear range and let’s just say it’s safe to say they know what women want.

Facts first - Nubyén combines both science and beauty to create each item to make women not only look good but feel good to. I love this philosophy as that’s exactly why I workout - we all know a few extra sit-ups and miles are going to fix the loose bits but it’s deeper than that, it makes me feel good too.

I wore the ‘Santa Monica Second Skin’ set for my workout whilst in the Amalfi Coast and the colours were just divine against the scenery - the blogger in me was  ecstatic. I loved how it didn’t cut into my skin at all and hugged perfectly to create a smooth silhouette.

I usually have to wear both a bra and a sports bra to feel secure but the built in support of the Nubyén top meant I could go braless without the discomfort, which completely mirrors their philosophy that activewear should be ‘beautiful yet comfortable’. 

Whilst this post is mainly about what to wear to the gym I wanted to touch base on the key product that Nubyén sell - the Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss. The gloss is a great way to achieve fuller lips without invasive surgery and seen as Nubyén is founded by NHS doctors we know we are in very good hands.

activewear womens, womens activewear, best activewear, activewear for women

activewear womens, womens activewear, best activewear, activewear for women


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